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I was selected to be a brand ambassador for Adobe’s editorial board at @adobegencreate. Over the course of three months, I worked with the lovely folks at Adobe and Cycle Media to create a vast array of social media content including reels, IGTV, stories, and in-feed posts. During my ambassadorship, I had the opportunity to use my lettering & illustration skills to create content ranging from animated gifs, lettering tutorials, and time-lapses showcasing my creative process.

In-Feed Post.jpg
Creative Ruts.gif
Change of Scenery.gif
Find New Inspiration.gif
Take a Break.gif
Positive Thinking Day.jpg
Post 2.jpg
In Four Years.gif
Have a Puppy.gif
Disco Band.gif
Confident Happy Thriving.gif
Greetings From Rainier.gif
Proud to be Latinx.gif
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